Get massive server power, without paying the cost for a dedicated server. We provide the network and server administration, patches,updates, monitoring, security, performance balancing and technical support,so you can concentrate on creating, developing and promoting your activities - not having to administer them.

$ 69.25 /mo, No set-up fee | Up to separate 80 domain
18 GB Storage (18000 MB)
•500 GB Transfer

Server: Windows
Scripting:: ASP, ASP.NET Framework, CGI BIN, Perl, PHP
Database :: 30 My SQL, 20 MS-SQL 2000, Unlimited MS-Access, FoxPro, Excel, Text
•Web Email
•Control Panel
•FTP Logins
•Custom Error pages
•FrontPage extensions 24 hour unlimited FTP access
•24/7 Support
ASP Components: ASPmail, ASPImage, ASPsmartupload, ASPhttp, Jmail, ASPupload, and Your Custom components
•Streaming Media
•Raw Log File

*** Extra domain available for $3.00 /mo, one time Set up fees $10.00 ***

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