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    Unanswered: Multiuser query

    Hi everyone. I have 2 problems:

    (i)I have developed a VB6 application that needs to connect to an Access database (residing on a shared network drive) to merely read a record fro a table. When an attempt is made from 2 different workstations there is an error 'Permission denied' generated. What can be wrong?

    (ii)Another VB6 application is also set up on a shared network drive. One of its functions is to get a copy of an Access database from another network drive and paste it to the 'local' workstation (I assume it is trying to copy to the application drive) and then extract data into a Word file. Each time multiple users attempt to do this at about the same time from different workstations, an error message such as 'Permission denied' or 'Path not found' appears BUT the process finishes up working because the Word file opens successfully on each machine with the relevant information. This confuses me. Why is an error message generated?

    Any help greatly appreciated


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    Is there any security on the Access db?

    Is the vb code used to open the db opening it exclusively?

    What code are you using to copy the db to the local drive?
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