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    Unanswered: Database Splitter

    When splitting a database, isn't this supposed to speed the process of data manipulation up?

    I have just split my database but now it appears to be running really slow - even with just one user. The calculations of the VB code seem to take much longer, a simple example: before the database was split, pressing close on one form would immediatly open another form. Now it appears that there is roughly 2 seconds delay in this.

    Have I done something wrong, or is this what happens?

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    Splitting a database does not make the database go any quicker - Database design, VBA code and query design does that. Splitting a database provides better management of the database between a front end and a back end.

    If you have placed the back end of the database onto your network then you have to make sure that your network is reliable with a good link between your desktop and the server. Also bear in mind that you should restrict the data that you work with to only the records you need immediately, otherwise you are pulling all the data over the network to your local machine and this can be slow.

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