I have a query regarding Lotus Notes. Can you please answer this?
My query is:
I am using Notes2DB software to migrate Lotus Notes data to MS Access.
But for the fields which can store multipls values it is taking only first value selected.
For Eg: I have some request form in Lotus Notes which allows a user to enter some data and store it.I have 4 scheme names with check boxes and user can select multiple values. But in the Domino designer it shows a single field for ths Scheme name which will be storing multiple values selected by the user in the form of list.But when I try to retrieve the data I get only first value selected.Your article says that 'To retrieve a specific value of the field Lastname, I would have to supply a subscript number as well as the field name. ' Can you just tell me how do I use this subscript number?? Is the format something like fieldname.subscriptnumber or something other?

Your help will be greatly appreciated...

Thanks in advance,