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    Unhappy Unanswered: Postcode problem!

    Hi All

    I have an access db with two tables.
    One table has a number of fields, one of which is a field of postcodes.

    the other table has the outcode of the postcode (1st part) And a value in the next column which is a price to deliver there.

    I need a update query which updates a currently empty [price] column in the big table with the value from the postcode table if the PARTIALLY matches the 1st part of the postcode.

    I was thinking of an update query but i cant figure out how to set the criteria to update when there is a partial match on the characters!

    any help would be great

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    use left([columnname],nochars) for a patial match

    where left([table1].[postcode],2) =left([table2].[postcode],2)

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    Thats great!

    Also is there a way for the user to specify the table name from a input box?
    ie if the table name changes or a new one is used but i wanted the user not to have to amend the sql code?


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