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    Lightbulb Unanswered: Multiple Date Range within a Date Range Report

    I have a report that is based on a query of event orders including company, location, time, date, etc... This all works fine as I have a field at run-time that selects the begin date and adds 10 days in the future returning my '10-day' report.

    Now I have added another field to the table of orders that I have the option of assigning each order to multiple dates say March 3 - March 31. Originally i had each order represent one date only. This was not so handy if I had to make 30 different records with the same data.

    What I would like to do is have the report return the 10-days and within the report append to the dates somehow with the 'multiple date orders' and sort by each date (including dates between March 3 - March 31 on the 'multi-date orders). For now I have just added a field to the report that shrinks or expands depending on if the second date is filled or not. This will work fine until after March 3 when that record doesnt show up on the report.

    I am somewhat of a 'hack' at this and usually I can come up with a solution by scanning the posts on here and Ive gotten pretty far with things before but Im stuck! Please Help

    I have also updated my post with an attachment of the output of the report (in Acrobat format) to hopefully better understand my issue. The records 'in question' appear on page 5 of the report, Ideally I want to have these records appear from that page to the end of the report in the consecutive dates they should appear.
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