Thu February 24, 2005 12:24 PM (NEW!)

Want to enable ReportingServices on website for viewing over web vs. intranet. Think I'm really close, but need help. Deployed a sample. Added <ReportServerExternalURL> </ReportServerExternalURL> to rswebapplication.config Deployed.

Created new role for IUSR_MachineName and gave it browse capabilities on home folder.
Added virtual directory is IIS under web site above for Reports, with documents of home.aspx and enabled IUSR in IIS for directory. (Deployment is still okay.) If I view Reports via machinename, site settings are there. Browse to folder, click on report, the folder pops up again. Report will not generate. If I view via www, site settings are not there (good, good). Report does the same thing - popping up another folder view but not generating.

Added virtual directory in IIS under web site above for ReportServer, with documents of default.htm, default.asp, index.htm, iisstart.htm, default.aspx. Same thing happens again.

Think I'm very close. Anybody?