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    Unanswered: Retrieving a data field from a database

    Hi guys, right, im using asp connected to access db. When im on my login page in my browser and i click submit i would like on the next page for it to say Welcome 'Customer Name', how would i go about doing this? And where abouts are the scripts implemented? Any help would be great im new to this.


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    You'll need to create the 2nd page as an asp page. The Login page form should specify the 2nd page as the action for the form.

    In the asp on the 2nd page, you need to retrieve the login name passed using the Request object. Use that to do a check against your DB. If access is allowed, then just display the Welcome.

    The ASP scripts run on your web server.

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    You could also store the user's name in a Session variable, though this is not recommended by some developers because of the tremendous traffic some sites get (the Session variable won't be deleted from the system until the Session times out which could lead to a large drop in system resources). My site gets limited traffic, so I'm not worried.

    I store the user's login name and a few other details in Session variables (and a Cookie too). Then I don't have to check the DB every time they open a new page - I can either check the Session variables or the cookie.

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    And perhaps this may hopefully give you some ideas:

    Classic ASP Design Tips - Login Page
    J. Paul Schmidt, Freelance Web and Database Developer
    Access Database Sample, Web Database Sample, ASP Design Tips

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