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    Unanswered: Inserting Carriage Return in Text File

    I have a .csv file with only a linefeed in it that I'm trying to insert into a table. Access puts the entire file in the first field of my table because it can't find the end of each record.

    Do I need to insert a carriage return before each linefeed in the text file and if so how? Is there a function/existing tool that would do this all at once?

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    It puts the entire FILE in one field? or It places each line in one field?

    If it's placing your entire file into one field of one row then you most likely have a delimiter problem AND a carriage return problem.

    If it's placing each of your lines into one field and parsing line by line then it is most likely that you have a delimiter problem and NOT a carriage return problem.

    Either way your issue is going to be with where and how you are placing your delimiter (in the case of a *.csv you are using a comma) I would check to see that when I am importing I have the correct delimiter, and I would also check to make sure I have not enclosed either all or part of my file in quotes that could influence my field breaks.

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    He definitely should be using the text import wizard to specify what params to use when importing this file.

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