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    Unanswered: resize form to fit any users monitor

    Does anyone have any code that would automatically make a form fit to any users monitor?
    eg. I have designed all of my forms on a 21" but my coworkers have a variety of different sizes.


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    IIRC we had a discussion on this topic just a week or 2 ago. Use the search on this site. Look here

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    its not hte physical size that matters, but the resolution, I have seen some code that does this in the Access Developers Handbook, there may even be some code on the web

    However if yiu have designed your forms so they look 'ok' on a 21" CRT at high resolution then it is quite possible they will not work on smaller displays.

    You may have to redesing the forms to reflect that. I always try to design for 800x600, unless I know that the users are standardised on a different size.

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