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    Unanswered: ComboBox / Query Problem!

    I was wondering if there's a simple way for this:
    I have a form with two comboboxes and depending of what you select in combox1 the data that will appear in comb2 will change.
    Everything works fine if you use it once but if I change the value in combobox1 when I click in the combobox2 instead of getting a new set of values i get the same as before. If I close the form, reopen it. It works again but only for the first value.
    I know it would be easy with vb code but I reckon that access probably has simple way of doing this, any chance of updating the form or anything like that?

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    can use this in the AfterUpdate Event of the parent combo...


    Edit: Sorry didn't read your last line. Not sure of any other way of doing it.
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    thanks cpgospi

    I guess I´ll stick to the code

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