I am trying to set up subscriptions for reports on Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. The subscription was set to email the report(once every hour) . It seemed that the subscription never processed. I checked all the troubleshooting tips that were given in the 'Books Online' and none of them seemed to be the problem.

I later learnt that, for every subscription, a SQL Agent Job is created. When I check the SQL Agent job for the above subscription, it shows that it ran successfully (once every hour). I later checked the Execution Log to see if there was an entry made for the execution. However there are no entries in the Execution Log listing the SQL Agent job. It seems to me that the SQL Agent job is not quite successfull in Executing the report. I also running this job manually and it does not seem to work.

I have run out of ideas on how to proceed with this troubleshooting. Appreciate if someone could guide me on this.