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    Unanswered: Simple Date Problem Please Help!

    I can get the date to list all of the dates in the recordset, but when I use request.querystring("date") to specify all the recordsets with the date "2/26/2005" for example, the recordset comes up empty. Here is my sql statement:

    SELECT eventdate=convert(varchar, eventdate, 101), eventtext, eventtime, location, eventtitle, eventID, picture
    FROM dbo.calendar
    WHERE eventdate like 'thee' and status='live'
    ORDER BY eventdate ASC

    this will return everything when the browser url shows this: However, if we put a date in there, and made it like this, then nothing comes up even though there is event with that date.

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    Does eventdate contain time portion? And what does 'thee' mean as a comparison value for a date?
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