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    Unhappy Unanswered: Calculations Help

    I have just created a new filemaker database and am now setting up reports and various layouts to send out letters. I have added all the fields to my letters and they are pulling in the correct data and doing everything I need them to do. I am now trying to create a report that will calculate the values in a table. I can get this calculation to work and calculate the total in for each record in the database but I can not get it to create an overall total for all the records in the database. For example I have a list of clients and in my client tracking form I have a field for total hours. I am now trying to create a report that will add the total hours for all new clients entered on a given date. I just want one box at the end of the layout with a total of all the hours for the given period. What I am getting is a colum in the table that will give me a total of all the hours for each client. Can anyone help me out here??

    Thanks a million I need all the help I can get here :-)


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    It sounds like you need to put in a Trailing Grand Summary. This is done by adding another part to your layout and picking Trailing Grand Summary. Alternatively you can create a new calculated field in your Table and use the GetSummary function [it requires (Summary field; A Break Field)] and then you can stick that in a new part or at the bottom of your existing one.
    Seeing you want the total by date, the function would look like
    GetSummary (TotalHours; Workdate) or whatever your field names are.
    FM has not bad help on GetSummary calculations and their use.
    Hope this helps.

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