Hi there,

New to dbForums and I'm just getting my feet wet with Access and ASP.

I have a web design project coming up that requires a database solution.

The client would like the ability for visitors to query a database for the names of doctors in the area. More specifically, the client wants visitors to be able to search for doctors by (1) practice area and (2) name. The search result would return all doctors in in practice area X for example, and all their contact information, and so on.

I suspect that that I can accomplish this task with an ASP/Access solution. In fact, that is what I want to use, rather than going another routes such as php/sql, for instance.

My question to you experienced ASP/Access developers is, where would you point someone like me to find out how to accomplish the task as I outlined above.

Also, it would seem to me to be, after a bit of homework, of course, to be a not so difficult task. Am I wrong?

Thanks and feel free to set me straight on anything I just said.

Much appreciated.....