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    Red face Unanswered: we face problem in db2


    we are facing some problem in db2 , plz help me. The reason is that, we have parent table and its child tables, which that consist of 7 child table. The problem is that when we drop the parent table from the database, so it has droped from the database, despite the exists child tables. what is the reason? and what am i missing any necessary command. plz help me as soon as possible. thanks.


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    RI is not intended to apply to DDL statements in DB2. It is only intended maintain referential integrity for DML (insert, update, delete SQL statements). DB2 assumes that only DBA's will drop tables, and that they know what they are doing.

    I believe that the child tables should be in check pending status if the parent table is dropped.

    There is a way to specify that a table cannot be dropped with the RESTRICT ON DROP option of the create or alter table. You can set this on or off with an alter table. This is not related to RI constraints.

    If you enable DROPPED TABLE RECOVERY on the create tablespace, you can in theory recover the table (if you have log retain set on).
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