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    Database design consulting

    Hi all,
    I need your help and consulting in designing database for the following situation:
    I'll try to describe the cas obviously
    I have 14 machines for parts productions.
    All the machines has symbolic table witch is a text file.
    The symbolic file consists of three colomns:
    Operand: The physical name of a machine electrical device. (e.g of electrical device I 19.0)
    Symbol : Symbol of the electrical device. (e.g B201)
    Comment: English description of the device.
    Example of the symbolic table:
    Operand Symbol Description
    I 19.0 B 201 Photo cell sensor
    I 19.1 B 201 Inductive sensor ...

    Now my case:
    I want to build Ms. Access database of all the machines that consist of:
    1. each machine has table of the text file symbolic table.
    2. I want to link each table to internal Access table that has description of each operand in my language,and not in English.

    In principle,this is the case, but I think about some points I have doubts:
    1. there are many operands in the machine that are the same in their description, so I think it's efficient to make internal table for each machine.
    2. How, can I aggregate all the operands that has the same description,e.g: I19.0 machine 20, I18.2 machine 21 , I 22.5 machine 14 hase the same description, so my language desription will be the same.

    I hope you understand my target.
    I hope also you help me with designing the database in the correct way.

    Best regards...

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    Here's a possible solution:
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