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Thread: CSV Problem

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    Unanswered: CSV Problem

    Here is my problem...

    I have a external organization that only takes files in a CSV format for uploading. I receive the data that is needed for the CSV file in Excel. But, before I can send it to the organization for uploading (in CSV format), I have to convert some of the columns to different formats...which the CSV will not save when I try to convert the Excel document to the CSV format.

    Does anyone know, or have any suggestions, about how I can save specific formats (like custom number/text formats) when converting from an Excel file to a CSV file?


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    my simple advice is dont bother, if the data is going externally and i presume to for loading into a database then all the formatting will be lost anyway as the db package that this external company uses will define its own formating for reporting,
    for clarification, you dont hold formatted data in db tables

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