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    Unanswered: Help with dlookup function

    I wat to use the dlookup function to get the first (and only) record in a table.

    I have the following code in an onclick event of a command button:

    Dim Stfrmt as String

    stFrmt = DLookup("field name", "table name")
    MsgBox stFrmt

    I get an error saying there is no current record.

    When this code runs a query is open based on different tables. I'm thinking I have to set the recordset to this table but don't know the syntax.

    THanks in advance

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    Dim Stfrmt As String
    Stfrmt = DLookup("[field name]", "table name")
    MsgBox Stfrmt
    With the exception of the field and table names this is the exact code that I tested in a button. It worked properly so the problem isn't in the code you provided.

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    only thing he was missing were the brackets around the field name

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