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    Unanswered: jConnect 5.5 hangs on large batch update

    In our application, all of our transactions are batch updates. When we do a batch update using JConnect 5.5 on ASE, it works fine for <20 rows (5+ tables). But when we have 1 transaction with a few hundred rows inserted/updated, the batch execution hangs on the Network socket write and the sp_who shows a status of "send sleep".
    This never times out and causes our application thread to hang.

    If someone has an idea of why this might have happened, please post.


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    Hi Alex,

    Have you resolved the problem? I'm also facing the same problem. When we do a batch update using JConnect 6.0 on ASE 15.0.2, it is very slow (even hanged) with the transaction with a hundred rows inserted. It is OK for the transaction < 10 rows!


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