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Thread: DB2 SQLDA Error

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    Unanswered: DB2 SQLDA Error


    While running SQL SP, some times i am getting error:

    -804: [SQL State] 07002: [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/6000] SQL0804N The application program input paramet
    ers for the current request are not valid. Reason code "102". If a host variable or SQLVAR in the SQLDA is invalid then: host variable/SQLVAR number = "10", SQLTYPE = "167213132", SQLLEN = "13132", host variable/SQLVAR type = "INPUT". SQLSTATE=07002

    The error does not occur every times. coupe of times SP gets executed smoothy. The SP is caiing other 4 SPs to compete the processing.

    DB2 i am USing is Ver 7.2, OS - AIX.

    can anybody put focus on it?

    thnaks in advance

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    Well the reason code indicates the SQLTYPE is invalid, and it certainly looks unhealthy. has a list of valid sqltypes. I've found that -804s are symptomatic of a program overwriting its memory areas - including the sqlda.

    All I can suggest is grabbing the C code generated by the SQL preprocessor and doing some debugging at that level.

    James Campbell

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