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    Unanswered: multi sorting in (tabular) form

    All we know the way MS EXcel perform sorting in excel.
    In Excel menubar, click data-> sort. A dialog box appears and we can choose, for example:
    sort (accending) by column A
    then by sort (accending) by column B
    then by sort (accending) by column C

    But in access, I only sort only by one column in one time. I can not sort by multi column at the same time (like Excel's way).
    Could anyone help my on this subject?
    please help me. I need your help.
    many thanks

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    If you are trying to sort the data in the table view(like exel sheet) click on the heading, move the curser (holding it down) to the next field to select that also.
    Then click the Sorting button
    If the fields that you want is not adjacent then click the heading to select release the mose click again and drag the entire column to where you want. Then do it as cited on top.

    Zameer Abdulla

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    In Access you can carry out a multiple sort either using a query or when the table opens in a form by setting the record source property to "SELECT * from myTable Order by myField1, myField2, myField3; " etc. The default is ascending - if you need descending then it's Order by myField1 DESC.

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