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    Unanswered: update table

    I have table that I need to update with values from a second table where the first column in table A equals the first column in table B.

    update A
    set A.column2 = --need to put here what the corresponding value is in table B column2 where a.column 1 = b.column1
    where A.column1 in
    (select A.column1 from A join B
    on (A.column1 = 2.column1)

    I think a look is needed, but I just cant it to work...
    Any help appreciated,

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    UPDATE a
    SET a.column2 = b.column2
    FROM tablea a INNER JOIN tableb b ON a.column1 = b.column1

    You're missing a closing paran on your example btw.
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