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    Unanswered: how to configure tape device for backup

    Hi Friends,
    Thanks a lot for your kind help .
    I have been getting help from dbforums for setup the informix environment.
    I feel , it is boon for new comer to learn.

    I have small doubt in setting up the tape device.

    I have configured most of the things in the server and i am using to " ontape " command for backup.

    just let me know, how does the "ontape" command identify the tape device when i issue "ontape -s -L 0" command.
    do we need to set TAPEDEv parameter in ONCONFIG file.
    just help me to setup the tape device for backup.

    Thanks in advance.

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    tape devices

    Yes you just need to set TAPEDEV to the correct setting for the OS - windows uses \\.\TAPE0, AIX generally /dev/rmt? and Linux /dev/st0 for the first SCSI tape drive.

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