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    Unanswered: Sloppy Installer

    I think the installer used by Oracle is sloppy. I have recently installed Enterprise Manage for 10g on my machine along with an existing copy of 9i. This totally screwed my 9i installation. So I thought I would remove 9i and install 10g. I removed all the databases and with the Universal Installer removed Oracle 9i. In fact I don't know what it removed as some of the registry entries were still there along with a number of directories. Unaware of this, I installed 10g, but the previous version of 9i which I thought was removed was causing my 10g installation serious problems. I think this is sloppy... Any comments?

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    I think the 10g Installer is a masterpiece compared to earlier versions. Are you following the Oracle recommended Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA)?

    You can read up on that here:

    When de-installing, please make sure that you stop all services running if you are on Windows.

    But I've never had a problem with the Installer, even doing dual installations.
    Steven Karam
    Oracle 10g Certified Master

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