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    Unanswered: subform and combo box. (Combo box to show all data)

    Hi all this is newbie qoo again asking for direction. Hope all expertise hwere kindly give your opinion.
    I have a combo box that have value from a table which filter out those row i wanted to see on a subform that reference to a table.

    Basically i have the same id on both table thus when user select the combo box the subform will only display the row that contain the id selected (the table have duplicate id). I use the link master and child field to create the linkup and filter the process. It work well as what i wanted. But now the problem is i would like to see all records from the table without filtering. So how to create the same combo box with a all catergory that i can reference to show all data in the subform?? any suggesion?....i have read all other post related but it maybe i don't understand all there isn't any thread that do similar kindly anybody they could help?

    Thanks in advance.

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    1) Try unlinking the table. 2) Use a combo box that has the table with all selections to show as the table source. Else, give more, clearer info.

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