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    Unanswered: Update queries

    I am having problems with update queries that lead to tables. These are connected with forms. The queries connected with these tables and forms are the update queries and normal queries.The queries work fine but its not updating from a query to a table.

    Any help please?

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    What are your queries can you post the SQL,
    how are you running your update query?
    without this information others are likely to be as clueless as me as to what you are actually doing and help you out
    Update queries work in the following format

    UPDATE tablename
    SET fieldname = Value

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    An update from wananns update query problem

    My update query is to total all the net amounts for an ordering system. The nett amounts show up in a form and subform but not in the table. The formula I have put in the update query is:

    TblSalesOrderLine is the table I want the data from the update query to go into and SalesItemNettAmount is the field in this table. Is this formula correct? And if so is there another reason why it's not working?

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