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Thread: Sort MDX Query

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    Unanswered: Sort MDX Query

    Trying to get data from result of MDX query in dec order:

    iLoopFrom = cst.Axes(1).Positions.Count - 1
    iLoopTo = 0
    iLoopStep = -1

    im using these lines to read the data from bottom to top but what exactly does Position.Count do? and is the -1 there because the result has headers??


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    I'm trying to sort the result of a query (MDX on a cube). I have tried using the Order funtion as follows:
    Order (X.[Accounting Date].Children, ASC)}) ON ROWS

    x being the connection result of query!

    but it comes up with error:

    Cannot use parentheses when calling a Sub

    what am i doing wrong???

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