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Thread: SQLENV.H in Zos

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    Hi All,

    Good Day.

    Does z\OS have SQLENV.H header file ?

    If not how to capture currentlocalinstancename ( this is supported in AIX complier) at run time of the C program ?

    I am struggling on this for past three weeks .

    If any one just throw some lights on this willl be great.

    Warm Regards,


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    DB2 on zOS has a rather different view of instances and databases from DB2 on LUW. Hence much of the stuff in sqlenv.h is simply meaningless.

    exec sql set :hv = current server
    may be what you are looking for

    Failing that call DSNWLI using READS to get an IFCID record (I like 234) with the correlation header. Documented in the Admin Guide appendicies.

    James Campbell

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