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    Unanswered: Tables or ?

    Am planning to accomplish this solution but I don’t know how.
    Is it possible to transfer records from one table to another while you brows the records through the form?
    I guess I need good explanation since I don’t have any idea how I will handle this issue.
    I have two tables (Goods and Sold)
    Table Goods contains fields:
    1. Id (with Primary Key),
    2. Name of Item,
    3. Price of Item,
    4. Quantity of Item,
    5. Received Date,

    ID Name of Item Price of Item Quantity of Item Received Date
    1 Pots 10€ 150 25-Jan-05
    2 Notebooks 8€ 250 28-Feb 05
    (Auto Number)etc etc etc etc
    I have only two rows filled but this should contain much more number of rows!
    and table Sold with the same fields except the received Date is Sold Date:

    1 Id (with Primary Key),
    2 Name of Item,
    3 Price of Item,
    4 Quantity of Item,
    5 Sold Date,

    ID Name of Item Price of Item Quantity of Item Sold Date
    1 Pots 10€ 0
    2 Notebooks 8€ 0
    (Auto Number)etc etc etc etc

    When I browse any record from the Form that is containing all those fields (form2 in my case) the Table it will reduce Quantity of Items (only quantity) from Goods for 1 (-1) and the number will be 149 and will increase Quantity of Item from Sold for 1 (+1) and the number will be increased from 0 (Zero) to 1 (One).
    I hope I succeed to explain in the way that is understandable since I am beginner with Microsoft Access, if you need more explanation regarding this issue how it should work please let me know.
    I thank you in advance.
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    You can accomplish your goal(s) with action queries. Namely update queries. Think about what field needs changing and how it needs to be changed. For example, number_sold update to = number_sold + 1. Try it first on a copy of your table.

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    More info

    Can I have more informations regarding this opinion that you have,
    I'v tried something but am achieving nothing so fare.
    Please try to understand me this is my first experience with this kindof problems

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