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    Unanswered: Permission Issues running DTS from Agent

    We have a DTS which loads files using FTP to another
    server. This will be used by app groups and will be run
    via click of button using sp_start_job,

    Somehow the userid running the job gets "not sysadmin to
    run cmdshell.." Top fix that, we granted it to execute the
    xp_cmdshell and also created a proxy account for SQL Agent
    which is an admin on server and sql. However, still we get
    permission errors like "...The needed permission is
    missing to run command shell.." Please help . The DTS is
    being called from SQl Agent job and we don't want an admin
    ID to be used .

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    Do you have 'exec master.dbo.' in from of xp_command...

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