Each Sunday, I do a reorg of my database and then do a rebind. The last 2 Sundays, I got the following error:

"Database Manager cannot be started."

The bind says it completes successfully and the database manager is working. When I run the rbind manually, I get no errors.

Any Idea???

This is the part of my code giving the error:
echo "Starting Rebind of all @ `date`"
db2rbind $DBNAME -l $OUT_FILES/rebind.out all
if [ $? != 0 ]; then
	let rc=1

echo "Rebind complete... any errors can be found in $OUT_FILES/rebind.out"

db2 terminate
This is the actual error:
Starting Rebind of all @ Sun Feb 27 21:22:47 EST 2005
 Database Manager cannot be started.
Rebind complete... any errors can be found in /var/logs/db2inst1/out_files/rebind.out
DB20000I  The TERMINATE command completed successfully.
The file rebind.out does not exist.

Any help would be appreciated!