hi, i'm new here and looking for any help with a problem. i would greatly appreciate any and all suggestions. i have been assigned to design an access97 app as part of my internship. the application is to be a repository for test cases for multiple software products within the corporation where i am interning. i am having difficulty with access forms, and would appreciate any and all suggestions. my problem is:

the form has the following controls:

cboProductSelect - chooses all software products in corp inventory
cboProcessSelect - chooses all process within the selected item in product cbo above
lstReqListing - result of the SQL query built from above 2 cbo's selections - this list are the specific Requirements for the selected process ...
cmdViewAll - shows user a report of all test cases for all Requirements within the process (i.e., all entries currently in lstReqListing
cmdViewSelected - shows user a report of just the test cases for the selected Requirements in lstReqListing.

the user can select none, one, or many of the items in lstReqListing. based on the users lstReqListing selection(s), one of these actions should happen:

none - cmdViewSelected.enabled=false - cmdViewAll.enabled=true - user gets report listing all test cases for all Requirements within the process (i.e., all entries currently in lstReqListing

one Req't selected - cmdViewSelected.enabled=true - user should get a report listing only the test cases associated with the selected Requirement in lstReqListing

many Req'ts selected - same as for one, but the report should list all test cases associated with all of the Req'ts selected.

i have the easy one working, cmdViewAll. but am having difficulty in creating the report for one or many Req'ts selected in the list box when the user selects and then clicks cmdViewSelected. viewing the 'one' selected Req't should be easy, i use the identifier based on PK/FK in the TEST_CASE table (see below for table details please). so, i guess the question i have is how would anyone suggest to view the selected items ....

tables are (PK are in bold FK are italicized - fields reduced to relevent entries):


SOFTWARE_PROCESS(ProcessCode, ProductCode, ProcDesc)


TEST_CASE(TestCaseNum,ProductCode,ProcessCode,ReqNumber,TestCaseSetup, TestCaseDesc,TestCaseProcedure,TestCaseExpectedRes ults,IsObsolete,IsControl)

so, i am uniquely identifying a TEST_CASE by the combination key:
ProductCode - 3 letter acronym/identifier (ex: CAS)
ProcessCode - up to 10 letter acronym/work (ex: FORM)
ReqNumber - long int
TestCaseNum - long int

example test case key: CAS-FORM-1-1 (the corporation refers to this as the 'Traceability Label' - used to associated Req'ts to Processes and Products, I have added on the additional number level to associate the test cases ...)

again, thanks for any help possible.