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    Unanswered: Access Query

    I'm trying to write an access query that sums up a certain field in a table where it matches a field in another table but i get the error that i tried to execute a query that does not include the specified expression "PartsCosts" as part of an aggregate expression. I found that i need a group by clause but when i try to add the group by clause, i get an error that i'm missing a ;, even though i have it. here is the query in sql view.

    UPDATE PartsUsedTable INNER JOIN RepairRecords ON PartsUsedTable.RepairNumber = RepairRecords.RepairNumber SET RepairRecords.PartsCosts = Sum([PartsUsedTable].[ExtendedCost]) WHERE [RepairRecords].[RepairNumber]=[PartsUsedTable].[RepairNumber];

    any one have a clue?


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    How about:
    UPDATE RepairRecords 
    SET RepairRecords.PartsCosts = 
    & [RepairNumber] & "'");
    See if this works for you.

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