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Thread: Toad Bug

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    Unanswered: Toad Bug

    Hi all

    I did a count on the data in a table

    select count(*) from tableA

    It returned around 365265 rows

    Then i exported out (right click in rows returned, select save as, then select txt file) the data using toad to a txt files with | deliminater

    Then i opened the txt file using a program called TextPad, and inserted line count

    And it happened to be not equal to the count i did previously using sql statement?

    What went wrong? Cause i did this 2 or three times, and the export file always returns rows more than the actual num of row...

    Not sure why

    thx in advance

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    I don't know about the export for certain, but certainly in all other 'right click' context menus with which I'm familiar, TOAD will re-execute the query.

    I suspect it is doing the same for 'right click->export'.

    You may get more/better advice by posting on one of the quest forums for more specific advice.

    Please don't email me directly with questions. I've probably just got home from the pub and cannot guarantee the sanity of my answers. In fact, I can't believe I actually made it home.

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