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    Unhappy Unanswered: Include files

    Hi guyz, i have a little problem. I am trying to inlcude two include files in a asp file. But i get an error in my browser:

    Error Type:
    Active Server Pages, ASP 0141 (0x80004005)
    The @ command can only be used once within the Active Server Page.
    /uufc/validateMember.asp, line 1

    I have tried to remove my @ line:


    ...but this throws up another error, saying i have to use the @ line as the first line in my script?

    Can anyone help me plzzz? I'd be greatful for any help or suggestions. Thankyou.

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    You do not need to have
    <%@ Language=VBScript %> in any files you include!

    But you Do need it in the "master"
    Sorry to be terse
    some say it's a curse
    I know it's worse
    I'm just diverse

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