We are having multiple problems with our dbs lately. We started this project years ago and have used the same workgroup ever since. I would just add users and assign permissions...not really any issues with that.

When I go to permissions after opening the workgroup.....it says that 'engine' is the owner of the db file (the workgroup). Then various other things on the msys table, etc. tables in there including 'unknown' and more 'engine' things. I know I created this and all security way back when but didn't understand it completly back then. I'm also listed as part of the admins group in here but don't seem to have permissions to do anything with it. Including that it is over 2 mg right now and can't even compact. We have upgraded to 2003 on both front and back end tables ...but left this in 97 version.

Reason for looking at this lately is:
Any suggestions on how to get 'control' over this again? It looks to be a mess....and with some of the new radio button choices on some forms...we have started getting the following errors:

You do not have the necessary permissions to use the ‘MSysTables’ object. Have your system administrator person who created this object establish the appropriate permissions to you

And the ONLY way to clear this and let them choose their dept. to enter info is to set ALL PERMISSIONS except administrator on all queries...meaning design and all.

Any thoughts, help, advice?