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    Unanswered: data modeling tools

    Hey, guys.
    Do any one knows a document or link, where data modeling tools are compared.


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    Not a link, but just three of the top data modeling tools (in my opinion):
    1. Sybase PowerDesigner. (Yes, it supports Oracle 10g.)
    2. Embarcadero ER Studio.
    3. Computer Associates ER/Win.
    All have personal and collaborative editions. The collaborative editions require a repository for storing meta data centrally, similar to how Oracle Designer used to do it.
    You don't have to get PowerDesigner from Sybase. You can get the same product from Quest software, the people who sell Toad. It's the same product, so you really just need to decide which group you want to buy support from and see if you can get them to offer discounts on their other products you might buy at the same time.
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    PowerDesigner is rock solid. Would highly recommend it over the other tools.

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    I recommand PowerDesigner and Rational Rose.also if you need I can mail you a pdf that compares ERWin with PowerDesigner and I found it so useful.
    let me know.

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    Thumbs up PowerDesigner

    I been using PowerDesigner for years. It has a ton of features, is highly configurable and version 11 just came out and there is a trial version available.

    It comes with a repository if you want to spend the $$ and tech support is good as well and there is a dedicated newsgoup for the product on Sybase's website with knowledgable people. The developer who created the product is still on the team.


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