I have a relationship as follows:

ServiceDetail(ServiceDetailID, DetailID)

It's really a 1:1 relationship, but I declared it as 1:M.

Anyway, I have a form that creates a new sales worksheet (instantiates new detailIDs), and I want it to do so for a servicedetailID as well. My menu is button-driven and opens up the service page with all available options, and if there isn't a serviceDetailID generated from the main page it says it will not run (no UID in recordset).

So I need a subform on the main page with the servicedetailID. Somehow when someone is creating a new sales worksheet, they need to click in the subform on one of the boxes and instantiate a new ServiceID so that it will work later. I want them to do this unknowingly, since there is no intuitive way to factor this process in.

Is there a way to reference a data object (text box) in the subform from the main form with vba in order to make the value 0, therefore instantiating the servicedetailID?

That way while they were entering their main information an _Exit command could auto-fill one of the service form's values.