Hi guys.
There's a bug in Oracle 9i
we use this
Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
With the Partitioning, OLAP and Oracle Data Mining options
JServer Release - Production

and we do explain plan like this,
explain plan set statement_id = 'REQ' for
SELECT b.id_cli_titul
, b.cod_design
, b.txt_nom
, b.txt_prenom
, b.txt_rue
, b.txt_aux_adr
, b.txt_bur_dist
, b.txt_local
, b.cod_postal
, c.num_cart
, c.num_etab_finan
, c.num_soc_finan
, d.num_mag_recr
, d.num_mag_gest
, d.num_res
, d.num_sous_res_recr
, d.dat_signa
, c.cod_cont
, c.cod_typ_cart
, c.top_cart_rep
FROM vtb_cli_titul b,
vtb_carte_priv c,
vtb_contrat d
d.dat_signa between '01/04/2004 00:00:00' and '01/05/2004 00:00:00'and b.id_cli_titul = c.id_cli_titul
and b.id_cli_titul = d.id_cli_titul
and c.top_cart_rep = 'O'
and d.cod_cont IN ( 1 )
and d.num_res in ( 103 );

under OEM we can see a error message from the session :
None Plan execution (EXPLAIN PLAN) is ASSOCIATED with this SQL instruction. It is not a INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE , SELECT Command. Try another instruction command for the sql Analyzes...

if we do
alter session set STAR_TRANSFORMATION_ENABLE to FALSE, ilt works

Does anyone know a way of succeed to do this explain without change Sessions parameters ?? (like Hints or anything else..)

Thanks for your reply