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    Unanswered: Need Suggestion to over come DB2 2 way Replication Problems

    Hi team we are having 2 DB2 servers V 7.2 on Windows 2000 mechines across Geo's, I set up the Replication for that.
    Every once or Twice a Month The Replication Breaks Giving Errors, When i see the IBMSNAP_UOW table i see records pending in both Geo's, How to find out which Transcation is giving problem in the UOW table and how to fix that.

    If i see the IBMSNAP_APPLYTRAIL table i can find out which table the Replication is Failing, i can find Record in the CD table that Replication Source Creates that need to be moved to other GEO, but how to find out which record in that Table is giving problem.

    Any suggestion are Welcomed Thanks
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