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    Unanswered: Carry forward (and back) a value

    I'm an ignoramus:

    I'm making an electronic medical record, and the main form has a single patient's demographics. A subform has each visit they make (history, exam, and so on). One text field is their height. They get measured at the first visit, but since I'm building as I go, most patients don't have a height value until I look back at the paper chart, at their subsequent visit. I also have a text box for weight, which gets done at every visit. I have another field which calculates their BMI (body mass index, a function of their hgt and wt.) based on the current values. We track this for over/underweight folks who are on diets.
    The Question: weight changes at each visit (which is another story), but height is constant. I would like to enter the height, and have it populate all of the height values for each visit (where it has previously been a null) both previously and in the future, and only changing if it is manually changed (for example an elderly female with osteoporosis who is shrinking and has a yearly physical where her height is measured). I don't care if changing the value subsequently, changes all previous values (that it will change is pretty rare). Is there any way to do this that a true troglodyte like myself could handle? Thank you much.

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    Are they one to many relations? Please give details of how you are tracking a patients wt, ht, and bmi. It sounds to me like its in a subform for each visit. Perhaps you might want to look at update queries. Query where height is null. Or better yet, try the after update property on the subform for height. Then you could launch your update query. Hope you get the jist, I'm leaving a lot of detail out cuz I could be going down a bad road/assumption.

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