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    Unanswered: sp_spaceused shows negative unallocated space

    Hi All,

    When i run sp_spaceused on one of my database, PROD, it gives the following output

    database_name: PROD
    database_size: 4268.00 MB
    unallocated space: -789.82 MB

    reserved: 4654920 KB
    data: 2929008 KB
    index_size: 327272 KB
    unused: 1398640 KB

    Why is that the unallocated space is negative ?

    On the drive where the datafiles resides there is enough free space . Also, the datafile and transaction are set to auto grow with unlimited file growth

    FYI - the OS is Windows 2000 and the DB is SQL Server 2000 with SP3

    Appreciate your time and help on this.

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    The space used statistics get "out of whack" every now and then. The process that tracks that data is meant to be fast, not perfectly accurate. In order to clean things up to get fully accurate readings, use something like:
    EXECUTE sp_spaceused

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