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    Unanswered: onbar integration with omniback for database backup.

    Hi friends,
    I have created informix database. But it needs to be backup.
    In my client place , they are using HP- Omniback for backup.
    I donot know to integrate onbar command to integrate with omniback.
    can anyone of you help me in this . I have configured omniback for oracle databases, but i am new to informix.Please help me in this.
    your help is highly appreciated.

    small question:
    if i use onbar command for backup, the backup/restore will be stored in both ixbar file as well as sysutils databases, right.
    just tell me why it is writing to two places?
    just tell me the necessary steps to perform omniback integration with onbar command.

    Thanks a lot

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    Pleace, run in /opt/omni/lbin/util_informix.exe, define you installation.
    In /etc/opt/omni will exist the definition. Look and check the files and directory.
    Define, in $ONCONFIG, the variable BAR_BSALIB_PATH /opt/omni/lib/ob2informix???.sl.,
    ALARMPROGRAM /informix/etc/

    Next run onbar -b -w -L 0


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