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    Question Unanswered: Script file in task scheduling, FM7 Server? (Edited)

    Does anyone know what is the form of script file?
    Where can I find documentation about the subject?

    I can't find answer from help-files.
    FileMaker Server 7 Administrator's guide (Chapter 5, Scheduling administrative tasks) tells me that for running script files I need to see FileMaker Server Help for information on where to place script files etc. but I only find help for Windows own task scheduler.

    My case: I have a filemaker file witch needs to be updated daily with scripts (via ODBC from Oracle db). I have made one update script (witch will run all the update scripts) and I put it in file options to run whenever file is opened.

    Now I need to either open this file daily by automated task (file is hosted by server), or come up with another solution to run that update script in .fp7 file.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    Thank You
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