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    Unanswered: Import (9.2) didnot run in an coded environment

    Hello to all,
    i have a Problem, which i found sometimes reported and i never found a solution.
    i have got a encrypted (Win XP, Oracle9.2 and SafeGuardEasy 4) Notebook. Sometimes, not cinstently i get following errors:
    KCF: write/open error block=0xa271 online=1 file=6 C:\ORACLE\ORA92\DATABASE1\GDBX.ORA error=27070 txt: 'OSD-04016:
    Errors in file c:\oracle\admin\orcl\bdump\orcl_dbw0_1716.trc:
    ORA-01242: data file suffered media failure: database in NOARCHIVELOG mode
    ORA-01114: IO error writing block to file 6 (block # 41585)
    ORA-01110: data file 6: 'C:\ORACLE\ORA92\DATABASE1\GDBX.ORA'
    ORA-27070: skgfdisp: async read/write failed
    O/S-Error: (OS 1450)
    Has anyone an idea what can i do for a constent work?
    Many Thanks! Karl
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    It would appear that either you have bad sectors on your hard drive (run scandisk to check for this), or a corrupt datafile. As for making your database better again read the following excerpt from Oracle:

    NOARCHIVELOG mode protects a database only from instance failure, but not from media failure. Only the most recent changes made to the database, which are stored in the groups of the online redo log, are available for instance recovery. In other words, if a media failure occurs while in NOARCHIVELOG mode, you can only restore (not recover) the database to the point of the most recent full database backup. You cannot recover subsequent transactions.

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    Unhappy Import (9.2) didnot run in an coded environment Checked scandisk

    Hello and sorry for late answer.
    i runs the scandisk-Utility.
    in according to this result i has no erreor at disk.
    The behavior is the same: in 80% the import runs fine the other hand the import failed with the described error.
    Perhaps anyone has an idea too..
    Many Thanks!
    nobody is perfect

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