I hope someone can help me.
I replied to the following post on comp.unix.solaris but I'm not sure the user still uses the forums. He went through the exact same problem as I had but never posted
how he solved it. Is there anyway an admin can get in contact with him or
at least forward this as an email to him?
His username is John_B
I know it sounds weird but I'm all out of ideas.

Re: Directory Server LDAP/LDIF import - Update thus far
Okay, folks.

I want to thank everyone for all of the the assistance that was
provided. More than that, I also want to thank you for the patience
that you've shown. I know that sometimes we all lose our patience with
newbies to a particular field, so I appreciate everything that you said
and did. It really helped me to learn the guts about LDAP, what it's
all about, and how it works.

I finally got the contract number for our new corporate parents for
Directory Server 5.2 and got Sun on the horn. Since our new LDAP
servers had just arrived, I got them jumpstarted and Sun walked me
through the whole procedure. It was disgustingly simple, but
unfortunately there really is no single documentation for what we did.

So, I'm going to make one.

I captured the whole installation and configuration in a terminal window
pasted it all into OpenOffice. Once this project is finished and I've
confirmed everything in my document (which I will also be using for the
production installation), I will polish it up and make it available to
the Internet world so that no one has to go through the learning curve
hell that I had to go through.

Once I get it finished and posted, I'll make sure to post a message here
letting everyone know where to get it.

Thanks again to everyone for your help. Your comments and suggestions
about my document (when posted) will be welcome. If I can save another
soul from this purgatory, then I'll be happy.