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    Unanswered: ASE 12.5.3-64bit SSL HELP PLEASE

    Requesting assistance and guidance with generating and requesting a third party (like verisign) CA Certificate and what to do with the CA cert once received. I have the process down for creating a self-signed cert for testing purposes, although a bit confused on what the process is for requesting and implementing a 'real' certificate. Environment ASE 12.5.3-64bit on Solaris 2.8. The present process I have down for creating a self-singed test CA Certificate:
    1. Use certreq to generate a MasterCA_req.txt and MasterCA_pkey.txt.
    2. Use certauth to create trusted.txt file by certauth -r -C MasterCA_req.txt -Q MasterCA_req.txt -K MasterCA_pkey.txt -O trusted.txt.
    3. Use certreq again to generate certificate for ASE 'servername'_req.txt and 'servername_pkey.txt.
    4. Use certauth to create 'servername'.crt file; certauth -C trusted.txt -Q 'servername'_req.txt -K MasterCA_pkey.txt -O 'servername'.crt
    5. Then append 'servername_pkey.txt to the 'servername'.crt.
    6. Create 'servername'.txt by copying trusted.txt to 'servername'.txt.
    7. Place 'servername'.crt and 'servername'.txt and trusted.txt in appropriate areas.
    This all works great, where I am confused is how the process is different for generating a certificate for submission to a third party vendor, what to do when I get the third party vendor certificate back, how to put it all together. Please advise the proper steps involved. Thank you!

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    Does your server start with no probs?

    I'm attempting to test secure connection to Sybase for which I went through the steps you outlined. I also followed the sybase documentation but my server never starts after configuring it for SSL.

    Here's the error I get:
    120607: Certificate load from file `c:\sybase\ASE-12_5\certificates\myserver.crt`: failed, error 2002 - EZBadDataErr.

    Any suggestions?


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