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    Unanswered: "Default bound to column

    I am running a script against a couple of databases on my SQL Server 2000 Standard Edition Instance and I am getting the following in the results pane:

    "Default bound to column" I have searched the MS Knowledge base and found a couple of vague references to this. Does anyone know why I might be getting this??? the script 'seems' to run fine.. except for the funky error in the results pane. Script is attached. Thank you!!
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    maybe no one has answered because zip files make people nervous (viruses). Just post the code using the tags. I know I am not opening your zip file.
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    IIRC the sp_bindefault will give that message; just run one of them to confirm that.

    ALSO never zip up a SQL script as a DOC file and think you are going to get an answer.

    Change it to a text file and then only if it is very large zip it up.

    doc files are the most common file used to tranmit virii to other people followed by zip files so very few people word open your file.

    I have both zip & doc files set to open with non-MS software so I should be safe but I almost did not open the doc.

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