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    Unanswered: db2move - error opening report file

    hey erveryone,

    im trying to migrate a db2 8.2 database windows to db2 8.2 database linux. i am using the db2move statement.

    on windows i execute: db2move test export

    on linux i execute: db2move test import -io replace -u test -p test
    i am standing in the dicrectory of the export files.

    then i get: "error opening report file".

    please help me, thanks

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    im trying to migrate a db2 udb v7.1 to db2 v9.0 both on linux, using the db2move statement.
    on server with db2 v9 to create database use command:

    db2 create database prueba using code set ISO8859-1 territory US

    this command use with the 2 version,

    but have not to import, using the command

    db2move prueba import or db2move prueba load

    get message:

    Application code page not determined, using ANSI codepage 1208

    Error opening report file. Terminating ...
    **Error occured while opening a file.

    End time: Thu Apr 12 18:56:35 2007

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    Check ur *.lst file . Maybe , there is some schema doesn't exit on new DB2 .

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